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Built for SaaS - Dimension Data SaaS Cloud

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers face an incredible market opportunity as the proliferation of smart computing devices and the trend towards collaboration continue to climb.  Yet, they can’t afford customer attrition due to a poor user experience. Seconds of downtime can mean lost revenue or customers fleeing to the competition.

Customer acquisition and retention, scaling for rapid growth, delivering the best customer experience, competitive pressures, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the considerations that SaaS providers must negotiate every day. Rather than taking on capital expenditure and hiring or training people to help deliver a SaaS-delivery model, SaaS providers are looking to complement their software development and innovation efforts with a SaaS delivery partner − one that can deliver unmatched operational expertise with the highest level of SLA-backed availability and performance. 

Why Dimension Data for SaaS?

Benchmarked the best.

We live in a world where your customer's technological demands have never been higher. Downtime, slow loads or mismanaged product releases are just not acceptable.

No pressure, but, now more than ever, your product needs to be the best it can be. So why are you suffering through infrastructure problems when you should be focusing on your business? After all your, product, customers, and shareholders deserve better than effort intensive, not to mention expensive, servers in a corner of your office? Or more scarily, in Cloud data centers that are inattentive and slow because they are already crammed full of your competitors' products!

Harness the cloud
that drives SaaS Growth

Our award-winning Cloud services are steeped in over a decade of experience hosting SaaS platforms and products, as well as more traditional vendor solutions. That experience – coupled with over 2,000 happy customers – has garnered not only industry award recognition, but translated into our customers doubling in size every 6 months (?) Ask us how?.

Customer stories.

For over a decade we have enabled software vendors, managed service providers, and application services providers to scale operations, control costs, and realize their fullest potential. In fact, we have helped our customers save over $1.2billion in unnecessary infrastructure costs. Money they used to double down in success critical areas like sales and product development.

78% of the Fortune 100 and 59% of the Fortune 500 can't be wrong when they sought our Cloud expertise, and they are only a fraction of our 2,000 customers.

One of the benefits of working with Dimension Data is their willingness to listen to their customers' needs and to roadmap a future plan with what their customers need and what they need as a vendor.

Amish Patel
Cloud Applications Manager | Aerohive Networks

We needed the infrastructure to deliver on our SaaS system. We did a lot of benchmarking studies before we selected them and they made us feel comfortable that they could handle a broad range of customers with multiple users in a worldwide operation

Michael Rosinksi
President and CEO | Astoria Software

As a partner, they helped us operationalize all that software in the background and take that headache away and really provide the benefits so that we can focus on our core competencies and business.

Puneet Pandit
Founder & CEO | Glassbeam

They have the capability to have private networks that allow the customer to have the whole network plus the storage completely secure. Their capabilities to do things quickly and inform us when there are some alerts is one of the main factors we decided on them.

Nelson Nahum
Co-Founder & CEO | Zadara Storage

No waste - ever.

Your success is our success, so we don't have Cloud packages or bundles that lock you in. Our model is simple: pay for what you use and not a cent more. Most importantly, we will only ever bill you for CPU and RAM usage when your servers are actually running – ie when your products are being used. For servers that have stopped running, you only pay for the storage that the server is using. If you delete a server, then you stop paying for it. Yep, no waste – ever.

Our nimble and elastic Cloud servers allow you to provision any amount of resources you need anytime and from anywhere – starting at only $0.058 cents per hour. Best of all, you'll never commit to us for more than an hour. Our zero lock-in guarantees ensure that you can utilize our Cloud services and Cloud solutions however you please without any contracts to sign.

With a free network and load balancer, and prices that scale efficiently with you, we provide Cloud computing services and solutions to fit your budget and address the most demanding IT needs and application workloads.

Infinitely tailor your setup.

Our stress-free, intuitive Cloud management application puts you in the driver's seat of your new market leading infrastructure. In it, you will manage all the hardware that you need for any of your applications. Additionally, you will be able to tweak your applications cost-effectively by fully customizing the exact amount of CPU, RAM, and storage your applications need at any given time.

Key Features
of Our Cloud Environment

  • Flexible Pricing Option: Pay As You Go pricing or prepaid monthly pricing plans available
  • Online Ordering and Immediate Provisioning: Order online and provision servers in approximately 5 minutes
  • Flexible CPU, RAM and Storage: Completely customizable CPU (1-16 CPUs), RAM (1-128 GBs) and Block Storage (up to 10 TB) per Cloud server
  • Clone Virtual Servers: Create 'customer images' that can be used to deploy copies of a server configuration
  • Transfer Virtual Machines from Your Own Infrastructure: Import and export server images
  • Immediate Start/Stop: Stop servers at any time; spin up in seconds
  • Zero Commitment: Transfer data out at any time
The best SLA in the market.

Keeping your product live and making money is important to us. And delivering to that is one of the many reasons why we've got 2,000 plus happy Cloud customers. The other reasons are our:

  • 24/7/365 phone support
  • 30-minute response time promise - at no additional cost
  • 99.999% Network and Server Availability SLA
  • Guaranteed 1ms latency between networks.
Don't let the pundits scare you.

Your data and your customers' data are invaluable, so we've ensured that our Cloud network is built out in a way that you can have piece of mind. Additionally and in case that isn't enough, we have security implemented directly at the network layer on the Cisco switches installed in our Cloud datacenters. In short, our enterprise-class security contains several layers of protection that proactively safeguard your data.