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Public Cloud Services

Our Public Cloud enables automated provisioning of virtual servers running Windows or Linux operating systems (OS) in less than 5 minutes. Our public cloud service includes customisable virtual servers, secure cloud networking and up to 10 TB of block-based storage per server. Use our web-based user interface or REST-based API for easy automation and integration. We support both hourly and monthly pricing plans.

Customizable Cloud Servers

Configure your servers with just the right amount of CPU, RAM, and storage for your application.


Customize on the fly with up to 16 CPUs and 128GB RAM per Cloud Server; Choose from multiple data center locations.

On-Demand Provisioning

Use our web portal to stand up a Cloud Server in 5 minutes, or spin up a full environment with our REST based API.

Cloud Networking Made Easy

Configure ACL-based firewalls, load balancing, and set up your Cloud Servers on different VLANs all in our Cloud. It is that easy to have all of your Cloud-based needs in one place. Traffic between our MCPs is accelerated using WAN optimization

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