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The Hosted Private Compute-as-a-Service™ (CaaS) offering from Dimension Data is an enterprise-class CaaS service built using industry-leading hardware and software and provided via the Internet. The platform is fully automated and orchestrated via purpose-built software, and comprises of servers, tiered storage, WAN Optimisation and network elements coupled with virtualization technology and operating system software.

Dimension Data’s Hosted Private CaaS is deployed in Dimension Data’s data centres and is available for a fixed monthly fee. The infrastructure is owned and operated by the Dimension Data Cloud Business Unit.

The Hosted Private CaaS layers the capabilities of Dimension Data’s award-winning Public CaaS platform onto best-of-breed dedicated hardware to provide customers with a secure and segmented hosting environment within ta Dimension Data centre. Server virtualization occurs on dedicated server hardware and both network and storage elements are customer-specific, providing a computing environment that is isolated from the rest of Dimension Data’s public cloud.

With Hosted Private Compute-as-a-Service, customers can:

  • Create separate “accounts” for each internal customer, allowing them to be logically separate and have separate usage tracking for charge-back purposes
  • Create separate “accounts” for each internal customer, allowing them to be logically separate and have separate usage tracking for charge-back purposes
  • Deploy as many of these network segments as they require, allowing servers to remain isolated from each other
  • Independently customize the firewall and load balancing capabilities of each network
  • Manage both the Cloud Networks and Servers through an online interface or a REST-based API.
  • Allow the primary administrator of each account to control their users using role-based permissions

Typical buyers of Hosted Private CaaS within the enterprises are:

  • Developers – who are often frustrated with enterprise IT for not being able to move quickly enough to setup and deliver testing and development environments orprovide systems for stress/scale testing.
  • IT Director – often concerned about standards, process, available skill-set and compliance, and would prefer to build private cloud at a cloud providers data centre
  • CIO – who is under pressure to reduce IT cost and risk while ensuring that enterprise IT is agile enough to better support the business needs, thus reducing CAPEX to OPEX.

Learn more about our Private Hosted CaaS offerings.

Dedicated On-Presimse Private CaaS

One of Dimension Data’s cloud services, Private Compute-as-a-Service (Private CaaS), is a fully-managed private cloud infrastructure-as-a-service deployed on dedicated hardware with secure network isolation.

A Private Compute-as-a-Service provides a pre-determined set of server and storage resources as a dedicated service deployed in your data centre. The service includes the physical infrastructure, virtualisation and operating system software, implementation, cloud management (automated provisioning, orchestration and billing) and ongoing management by Dimension Data.

The Private Compute-as-a-Service also provides you with a variety of options for managing different client accounts within your private cloud architecture, including the ability to calculate chargeback invoicing based on internal client usage

Hosted Private CaaS

Like our Private CaaS, the Dimension Data Hosted Private CaaS comprises dedicated cloud infrastructure to provide on-demand, self-service, pay-for-use access and control of virtual servers, storage and networking.With this option, the Private CaaS is hosted within a Dimension Data data centre. Key features include enterprise-class security, controls and performance guarantees, as well as a REST-based API for easy integration into back-end systems, enterprise system management tools or third-party cloud applications.

Provider CaaS

Dimension Data recognises that the manner in which service providers’ clients – and their end users – consume IT services continues to evolve. As a result, many service providers are seeing sales of their core, legacy voice services beginning to wane. They need to offer a richer, more advanced set of services and target new client verticals if they’re to remain profitable. Dimension Data offers Provider CaaS to cater for the specific needs and challenges of our telecommunications clients. The Provider CaaS enables these organisations to offer a branded public or private cloud service. The service can be customised with an organisation’s own brand and deployed in a Dimension Data or client data centre.

Key features:
  • Fully managed cloud service to assist the provider to establish a service in the market
  • Full white label capability to support provider client branding
  • Supports self-service provisioning and management
  • Technical operations performed centrally by Dimension Data – 24x7
  • Monthly subscription plan, three year term contract

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