Dimension Data Technical Operations

Dimension Data Technical Operations services provide basic system monitoring, Operating System support (including ongoing administration and patching) as wells as 28-day backups of all production servers, allowing customers to minimize operational risk and save time and money.  These services are available whether you purchase dedicated physical servers or Cloud servers.  Dimension Data will also deploy and remove Cloud capacity and resources as directed by the customer under the Technical Operations service.

Operating System Support

Dimension Data takes responsibility for maintaining the base operating system that form the foundation of your platform. Dimension Data regularly reviews vendor and third party security bulletins and patch updates to identify and recommend patches necessary for the system and feeds those patches into the change control process.  This service only applies to the base operating system and does not cover application related or other services that are built into the OS.

All changes are initiated via a Change Request (CR) document submitted for approval. Typically, these activities are discussed with you during weekly meetings or via email/ad-hoc discussions prior to CR submittal. The request is then forwarded to individuals with explicit authorization to approve change requests. Once the request has been approved, the change request is completed during the agreed upon maintenance window and the customer is updated with the results. All activity is coordinated between the Dimension Data Service Delivery Manager (SDM) and the customer point of contact.

System Monitoring

Dimension Data will implement basic system monitoring and manage availability of the base environment. The Core System Monitoring from Dimension Data uses monitoring system to track thresholds on system metrics such as CPU, disk, processor and I/O utilization, as well as to identify the health of specific software processes running on the server.

Dimension Data Technical Operations’ system monitoring gives customers access to the general health of their environment. This monitoring systems flow  into Dimension Data's 24x7x365 Customer Care Center (C3), which coordinates technical support for all emergency or after hours client-to-Dimension Data communications. The Customer Care Center for Technical Operations customers includes:

  • 24x7x365 staffing with experienced technicians
  • Level 1 industry expertise to resolve Severity 1 and Severity 2 issue immediately In-depth domain knowledge
  • Strict escalation management processes

Server Backups

Onsite backup of local disk on Dimension Data standard production servers with a 28-day retention period is included as part of Technical Operations Service.