Change Management

While most managed hosting providers provide only superficial support of the commercial middleware and supporting application layers, Dimension Data Application Operations uses an in-depth support model based on understanding the composite application you have built on top of the common middleware layers. Dimension Data invests the time needed to understand the details of your application. We work with you to successfully manage the performance of your application on an on-going basis.

Dimension Data’s comprehensive change management process is a key component of our Application Operations services. The process addresses the key elements of change planning, implementation, and follow-through so that application availability and performance can be maintained. The process ensures that all changes are reviewed, tested, and documented, and that everyone who is affected by a proposed change is aware of, and agrees to, the change. Dimension Data has created a streamlined change management process that balances the ‘need for speed’ with the requirement for planning, review and agreement by establishing key planning steps and information requirements that can be easily addressed, while ensuring that the requestor considers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the change prior to implementation. The process ensures that both Dimension Data and the customer team reviews each proposed change, large or small, to identify its potential impact on the overall system.

Dimension Data takes responsibility for maintaining the operating system and third party applications that form the base of your platform. Dimension Data regularly reviews vendor and third party security bulletins and patch updates to identify and recommend patches necessary for the system and feeds those patches into the change control process.