Dimension Data’s network-centric cloud approach provides enterprise-class security, control and high performance in both our public and private cloud environments. Unlike other providers that put the burden of security on the user, Dimension Data has developed technology to enable users to configure hardware-based networking features. Our CloudControl cloud management system automates the provisioning of VLANs, firewalls, multicast, NAT and load balancing. Our networking platform is built using industry-standard Cisco technology: Catalyst switches, ACE, Firewall Services Module and ASA.

Additionally, we provide administrative controls, tracking and reporting to improve auditability and the limitation of end-user access to functions such as provisioning servers, configuring storage, configuring networking as well as creating software images.

Because we use a common platform for both our Public CaaS and Private CaaSofferings, they share a common security architecture. For clients that prefer to have dedicated servers and storage on their own premises, our Private CaaS offering can be deployed on their own premises or hosted in a Dimension Data facility.

All data is securely stored with encryption and accessible via SSL-encrypted API calls. You can create multiple storage accounts, each with its own administrative password. Also, the data is stored with 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit SSL encryption while in flight.

Dimension Data’s CaaS offerings are built on best-of-breed technologies from Cisco, EMC, VMware, Dell, Microsoft and Red Hat. We offer service level guarantees for both Public CaaS and Private CaaS.

For cloud servers sitting on the same VLAN within the Dimension Data cloud, we offer sub-millisecond latency guarantees. This provides a high performance environment for most applications and workloads. We’d be happy to set up a trial public cloud account for you to test your application on our cloud.

In a recent report by the Tolly Group, Dimension Data demonstrated consistently high performance.