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Managed Cloud Platform

If you're considering a move to the cloud, you need to ensure the services you procure are backed by a robust architecture. Dimension Data's Cloud Services are delivered on a fully managed cloud delivery platform, our Managed Cloud Platform (MCP).

Architecture MCP

Hosted within a Dimension Data or client data centre, the MCP comprises:
  • Cloud infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, virtualisation and operating system software)
  • Dimension Data CloudControl, a cloud management system that provides operational control and automation of cloud resource provisioning, orchestration, administration, and billing.

Accessing the MCP is simple, via a web-based user interface or REST-based application interface (API). Integrating the platform with third-party cloud or enterprise system management software is straightforward. To learn more about how to use the API to programmatically launch and control Cloud Servers, visit our Cloud Support Centre site.

Dimension Data's MCP provides a single platform for all our Cloud Services, you can easily move between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud models, as your business needs change. This minimises the time and expense of re-architecting and re-integrating the underlying infrastructure, with every new project.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of our MCP architecture. Dimension Data offers several types of MCPs.

  • Public MCP – Deployed around the world, Public MCPs are accessible by the general public and meet the requirements of a true public cloud; self-service, pay-per-use and with standardised services.
  • Private MCP – Deployed in a client data centre or a third-party data centre, a Private MCP is dedicated to a single client. Private MCPs deliver a fully-managed private cloud service.
  • Hosted Private MCP – Hosted by Dimension Data, the Hosted Private MCP is dedicated to a single client. Hosted Private MCPs deliver a fully managed private cloud service.
  • Provider MCP – Deployed in a service provider data centre or a third-party data centre, a Provider MCP is dedicated to a single service provider for the use of its clients or a single client. Provider MCPs deliver a fully-managed private cloud service that can be productised into a white label public or private cloud offering. Additionally, Provider MCPs support cloud communities, allowing organisations such as education institutions, government agencies, or trading partners to cost-effectively offer cloud services to all community members.


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