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Cloud Service Provider - Business Overview

Dimension Data

Dimension Data is global systems integration and ICT solutions provider. With a  global presence spread across the Middle East & Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and the Americas, we operate 51 different countries. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dimension Data was founded in 1983 with one straight forward objective,‘ to do great things.’

Dimension Data is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NTT Group.

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Our Cloud Business

As a leader among cloud computing providers, our Cloud Business Unit is a cloud services provider with a comprehensive portfolio of cloud and managed cloud services for enterprises, midsize businesses, service providers, SaaS ISVs and software developers. Built on our experience in virtualization, data centre, public cloud, private cloud, security and networking, our Cloud Services were designed with enterprise requirements in mind.

Dimension Data's experience in delivering cloud solutions:

  • We have true public cloud self-service IaaS offering available globally
  • We provide both public and managed private cloud services on a single global platform
  • We have concluded thousands of server virtualisation projects with 100,000+ servers virtualized
  • We have delivered thousands of server and desktop virtualisation assessments
  • We have more than 2,200 data centre multi-vendor certifications
  • have achieved the highest level of Cisco, VMware, EMC and VCE certifications
  • We have deployed more VCE vBlocks than any other VCE partner
  • We have migrated more than 1 million seats to Microsoft® Office 365

In July 2011, Dimension Data acquired US-based OpSource, a leading cloud and managed hosting company. Shortly thereafter, in December 2011, Dimension Data completed its acquisition of BlueFire, a cloud and managed hosting provider in Australia. In February 2012, Dimension Data launched a broad portfolio of global cloud services making us a premier cloud computing company backed by cloud computing consultants and rich managed cloud services.

As of October 1, 2012, Dimension Data is taking its Cloud Services to market under the Dimension Data brand and has renamed OpSource and BlueFire to Dimension Data.

Our Cloud Strategy

The rapid market adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Public Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) has put pressure on enterprise IT to behave more like a service provider, delivering applications, platforms, computing, storage and networking to its internal customers as a service and in near real-time. Dimension Data sees a clear opportunity to help enterprises and service providers deliver public, private or hybrid cloud solutions more quickly to their end users. Shortening time-to-market improves agility and time-to-revenue.

Our strategy is to provide solutions for clients at all stages of their journey to the cloud. Each client’s journey will be unique.

Our services are designed to address the needs for:

  • Testing and development
  • Mission-critical enterprise workloads
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • White label cloud

Dimension Data recognized early on that the leading trend shaping the global IT services market was the emergence of cloud computing. The company moved quickly to position itself as a leading cloud services provider. We’ve focused on growing our existing skills organically as well as acquiring new assets and capabilities in the cloud space. Specifically, we’ve been building cloud-related skills and capabilities in the areas of virtualization, data centre and storage, managed services and hosting, and IT outsourcing – all critical to enabling cloud architectures for its clients.

In the last eighteen months, we’ve made significant progress in advancing our cloud strategy. Highlights include:

  • The acquisition of OpSource in June 2011 and the buy-out of the remaining shares of BlueFire in December 2011
  • The enhancement of OpSource’s capabilities to support large enterprise clients seeking private cloud solutions
  • The formation of our Cloud Solutions Business Unit, which spearheads new cloud initiatives on a global basis for our clients
  • The roll-out of five Public Managed Cloud Platforms (MCPs) across the world in San Jose, Ashburn, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Sydney, with Hong Kong to follow in Q4 of this year
  • The appointment of a cloud leadership team, under the guidance of Steve Nola, CEO, Global Cloud Solutions
  • The launch of our global Cloud Services in February 2012, which was subsequently followed by the launch of our Cloud Services for Microsoft (June 2012) and our OneCloud Partner Program

Today, Dimension Data offers cloud solutions for every stage of its clients' journeys, including cloud enablement, building private clouds, leveraging public cloud services and developing hybrid cloud models. We’re able to build and operate cloud infrastructures, providing services including operational and application management, platform automation and orchestration and enablement services, and managed hosting.