Dimension Data outperforms key competitors in The Tolly Group report

In July 2013, The Tolly Group, a leading independent global provider of testing and third-party validation and certification services to the IT industry, benchmarked the performance of our Public Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering. The test specifically focused on the system performance and network throughput of US-based web/app servers running on the public cloud platforms of Dimension Data, IBM Smartcloud, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Specifically, the test used three different cloud server configurations: small (1 vCPU and 2 GB RAM), medium (2 vCPU and 4 GB RAM) and large (4 vCPU and 8 GB RAM) systems.

The report found that Dimension Data delivered:

  • Fast processing: Dimension Data showed consistently high performance across configurations. In particular, when conducting a test on small systems, the market-share leader took 50% longer to complete a series of compute-intensive tests.
  • Faster memory throughput: When measuring system memory performance Dimension Data delivered more than two times the memory performance, as measured in memory operations per second, as the nearest competitor, and over five times the performance of the market leader.
  • Faster file access speed: When measuring average transactions per second on a local disk using the default file system, Dimension Data delivered 3.6X the market-share leader on small systems and more than 6X one of the solutions tested on large systems.
  • Greater network throughput: When measuring the bidirectional network throughput between two cloud servers on the same internal data center network, the report found that Dimension Data was the only provider that delivered true Gigabit Ethernet throughput.

Why Dimension Data?

Dimension Data’s cloud IaaS approach represents the next generation of cloud for high performance applications.

  • Our ability to automate the provisioning of networking in our cloud and our use of best of breed technology partners like Cisco, EMC and VMware allow us to offer a higher performance platform than a commodity cloud.
  • Our network-centric cloud approach provides clients with the self-service control of Cisco-based networking: VLANs, firewalls and load balancers and VPNs. That improves security, performance, reliability, control and allows us to offer one of the strongest SLAs in the industry.
  • Tolly Group’s report shows that our network-centric approach also provides more than six times the network throughput of Amazon and nine times that of Rackspace. According to the Tolly Group, Dimension Data was the only provider tested that delivers true Gigabit Ethernet-class throughput.
  • By making the network as easy to configure as a cloud server or storage, we’ve improved performance, security and reliability of the cloud.
  • Commodity clouds were built using a ‘server-centric’ approach that is better for utility computing and requires horizontal expansion (adding more servers) to scale. These early cloud models were designed for low cost computing and, networking and security come at a cost. Ironically, this low cost approach actually appears to be more expensive because you require more servers to achieve the actual computing power of a more network-centric cloud like Dimension Data’s cloud.

The report by The Tolly Group relates to our public cloud offerings, but as a leading global systems integrator, Dimension Data provides more than just a public cloud. We offer managed private clouds and on-premise solutions across a broad range of technologies, including: collaboration, data centre solutions, cloud, Microsoft, networking and mobility. Positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s 2012 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Magic Quadrant as well as their 2012 Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services Magic Quadrant, we believe Dimension Data is well positioned to address client concerns both in cloud computing and traditional system integration.

With a direct presence in 52 countries, and a further reach into 114 countries through our partners, our geographical spread ensures not only a physical presence across major geographies, but a deep understanding of the requirements of international, global and multinational companies.

How do our clients benefit?

By leveraging the higher performance of our cloud services, Dimension Data’s clients are able to:

  • Run mission-critical applications: With faster processing, file access and networking in our cloud, clients are able to run mission-critical applications in our cloud more cost effectively and reliably.
    • High Performance Computing workloads such as data analytics, big data, computer modeling and simulation will run more efficiently due to the faster disk access, memory throughput and virtual machine to virtual machine network throughput.
    • SaaS and web applications that require scale and multi-tenancy - already run in our cloud. The higher performance combined with our built-in load balancing, firewalls and network segmentation make it easy to scale multi-tier applications. (Multi-tier applications separate the web, application and data servers into separate tiers for improved scale and isolation.)
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications (e.g. SAP) and unified communications that typically require higher CPU and memory will run well on our cloud.
    • Web-based businesses, online gaming and online advertising networks will be able to run more cost-effectively on our cloud. With 3-6 times performance improvement, clients will need to buy fewer Cloud Servers. Internet websites typically require fast access to files.
  • Lower cost: Clients may spend 30 to 300% more using othe clouds to achieve the same level of performance in our cloud. For example, it costs 70 to 280% more with Amazon for an equivalent level of memory performance in our cloud. Rackspace is 10x more expensive than Dimension Data for the amount of network throughput that you realise.
  • Lower risk: In addition to high performance, Dimension Data provides the ability to control and secure its cloud with built-in firewalls, VLANs and end user permission controls. We also provide a 99.99% SLA. By addressing security, reliability and performance, Dimension Data lowers the risk associated with migrating applciations to the cloud.
  • Accelerate adoption: Dimension Data’s ability to provide a cost-effective, secure, reliable and high performance cloud platform along with world-class integration and managed services, Dimension Data will accelerate our clients’ adoption of public and private cloud.