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Cloud WAN Optimization

Dimension Data Cloud WAN Optimization accelerates data traffic for database replication, file synchronization, backup and recovery and distributed applications. By deploying Riverbed Steelhead appliances in our Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) locations, Dimension data enables cloud acceleration between our MCPs. Using de-duplication and network acceleration technologies, TCP, UDP, CIFS, NFS, MAPI, HTTP, HTTPS network protocols are accelerated. Additionally, we enable application-specific acceleration for databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 11i and 12i.

WAN Optimization in the Cloud

Dimension Data has implemented multiple, load-balanced Riverbed Steelheads in each of its MCPs in San Jose, Ashburn, Amsterdam, Sydney and Johannesburg.

  • Dimension Data offers WAN optimisation between cloud data centres and improves performance significantly
  • Dimension Data is the first cloud provider to offer WAN Optimisation as part of its standard cloud service for no additional cost
  • Dimension Data's WAN optimisation service does not require uploading a WAN optimisation appliance
  • Dimension Data's WAN optimisation service is ideal for applications such as database replication, file synchronisation, backup, recovery and distributed applications.

Why Dimension Data CaaS with WAN Optimization?

While other cloud providers require the client to bring install their own virtual WAN optimization client on a virtual server to optimise traffic and performance, we are the first cloud services provider (CSP) to enable WAN optimisation between its cloud data centres to accelerate traffic for our clients. Data centre to data center applications will especially benefit from this enhancement. Examples of data centre to data centre applications include: database replication, file synchronisation, backup and disaster recovery

WAN optimisation between Dimension Data's MCPs has resulted in 60-95% improvement in performance, depending upon application.