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Cloud Tiered Storage

Need for Tiered Storage

With every new cloud service consumed the total amount of content that needs to be stored and accessed is growing substantially. However, most cloud consumers’ care about is how fast the storage content is accessed and consumed rather than where or on which type of disk it is stored on, leading to increase in the cost of the cloud storage and the efficiency of the cloud based services. Storage collectivism in cloud does not work since you can’t treat all cloud content in the same way and a tiered storage for cloud services is a must for clients to counterbalance cost with performance.

A tiered storage strategy, properly planned and executed, can increase service levels for critical applications, while reducing the overall cost of data storage.

Dimension Data Cloud Tiered Storage Solution

The Cloud offering from Dimension Data is an enterprise-class Cloud service available across the globe through Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platform (MCP), and is accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world, at any time. The MCP platform is built using industry-leading hardware and software and is fully automated and orchestrated via purpose-built software. It comprises servers, tiered storage, network and WAN optimisation elements coupled with virtualisation technology and operating system software.

Dimension Data Cloud tiered storage is the assignments of different categories of data to different types of storage, in order provide balance between price and performance within the Public, Private or the Hosted Private Cloud. Data categories for tiered storage can be based on levels of data protection needed, performance requirements and frequency of use, since assigning data to particular tiered disk may be an on-going and complex activity. To reduce this complexity Dimension Data provides software to automatically manage the process based on a client’s needs. With Dimension Data Cloud tiered storage clients can simply change their storage requirements to three different tiers using the Cloud API or the Administrative UI, on the fly.

Within Dimension Data MCP there are three different types of tiered storage solutions available for Cloud - High Performance, Standard and Economy and allows clients to select the appropriate storage tiers for their applications based on level of performance-required, offset against the cost of that storage.

Cloud Storage Tiers

Tier 1 High Performance
Type 600 GB 15k Nearline SAS
Usage Cloud applications that use on-line active files, Data Base applications and tables, log files, web and user files
Tier 2 Standard
Type 2TB 7200 RPM Nearline SAS
Usage Cloud applications that use VM files, on-line videos, snapshots, OS images
Tier 3 Economy
Type 3TB 7200 RPMNearline SAS
Usage Cloud applications that use off-line files, backup long term retention data, DR

Why Dimension Data Tiered Storage for Cloud?

  • Improved Cloud performance
    • For business users by significantly reducing I/O wait time for business critical applications
  • Reduced Cloud TCO
    • By placing the right data on the right tier based on their usage pattern
  • Reduced operating costs
    • By scaling cloud storage on demand for burst applications
    • Reduced management cost
    • Due to automation provided by Dimension Data CloudControl