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Dimension Data Cloud Private Network Connection

Dimension Data’s Cloud Private Network Connection (CPNC) is an integrated part of our Cloud architecture. It provides our enterprise clients with seamless, secure, high-speed cloud connectivity by avoiding the public Internet when accessing Dimension Data’s Cloud (Public, Hosted Private and Managed Hosting services). This private connectivity increases network throughput and provides better end-user experience with a more consistent network performance than Internet-based connections.

CPNC allows you to establish a dedicated network connection between your network and the Cloud locations, using a direct connect (physical port) or private connect (virtual port) as part of a qualifying partner MPLS network.

Cloud Private Network Connection (CPNC)

Benefits to you

  • private and secure connectivity to the Dimension Data cloud (Public, Hosted Private and Managed Hosting services)
  • increased throughput when accessing your cloud services
  • consistent network performance and better end-user experience
  • compatible with a wide variety of access methods, including MetroE and MPLS networks from providers
  • bandwidth scales to meet your needs for application/service performance
  • connect easily to the Dimension Data cloud, the MCP platform via the physical port or the virtual port connect options

Why Dimension Data CPNC?

  • provides you with a global, high performance and secure method to access your Dimension Data cloud (Public, Hosted Private and Managed Hosting environments) without traversing the public Internet
  • is an optional add-on service that offers flexible connectivity to Dimension Data’s enterprise-class cloud via direct connection (physical port) or via private connect (virtual port), connected to a partner MPLS network
  • establishes private connectivity between our Cloud service and your data centre or offices, thus increasing throughput and providing a more consistent network experience unlike Internet-based connections
  • standard options of up to 1Gbps for direct connect option or speeds of 100Mbps if you’re leveraging the MPLS network of a provider
  • gives you greater control over your WAN infrastructure when accessing Cloud services
  • allows you to offer a carrier-class, high-speed network to your user base, rather than relying on an unpredictable Internet connection