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Steve Nola
Today, cloud is the centerpiece of many IT strategies for many reasons. It is certainly an agile technology enabling companies to act fast and do more. Cloud can be cost effective and with the right provider will create efficiencies across IT operations. At the heart of an enterprise cloud strategy is the mandate to align applications to the right cloud. Of the many things that Dimension Data and our partner EMC agree on it is that not all applications are the same.
Lori DeZengremel

Many different support models exist in the IaaS market. If you have chosen to work with a provider offering more than a self-service support model, the recurring service review is a tool that you should be taking advantage of to better align the goals of your team and your service provider.

How can you and your provider stay aligned? By ensuring that Service Reviews occur on a regular and recurring basis.

Bernard Paques
Cloud services from Dimension Data cover natively all facets of enterprise-class industrial data centre automation. How to leverage the Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)? This is what is illustrated in this post, starting with diagram below. The support of IaaS and PaaS is based on several components that are nicely articulated:
Treb Ryan

With all that goes on at the end of summer and the beginning of school, on our more exciting announcements may have passed by unnoticed. On September 1st, Dimension Data made available our first Public Cloud offering in Canada.

This is now our 12th Public Cloud location. One of Dimension Data’s core strengths is the ability to deliver a seamless global product and service on a very local basis. That is reflected in the current number of Public Cloud locations we have. It far outstrips any of the other Public Cloud players. Look at this map just to get a feel. And this isn’t the end.

Bernard Paques

While cloud models have been around for some years, there is still a need to illustrate what these really mean to IT organisations. In this paper we take the particular example of a database service. Its deployment is different if performed on IaaS, on PaaS or on SaaS. We also illustrates how the cloud platform from Dimension Data supports these models.